Cala Figuera: The Cutest Fishing Village On Mallorca

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Small, white sailing boats gently bobbing in the turquoise waters, a secluded bay between pine groves and the Mediterranean charm of the surrounding boathouses: Cala Figuera is one of the most beautiful places on the island. In this article, I’ll show you why you should definitely visit this romantic fishing village on Mallorca!

Boats in the harbor of Cala Figuera Mallorca

The history of the port of Cala Figuera

The history of Cala Figuera dates back to the 18th century. Thanks to its sheltered location and natural harbor, Cala Figuera developed into an important fishing village.

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Llauts boats in the harbor of Cala Figuera Mallorca

Although fewer than in the past, fishing boats, the“Llauts“, still sail out to sea in the hope of a good catch. And the boathouses around the small harbor, which are so characteristic of Cala Figuera, are still used to store boats and equipment.

Cala Figuera Mallorca Boathouses

What makes Cala Figuera so special?

Cala Figuera is beautiful by nature alone. The bay, which extends deep into the land, forms an absolute postcard panorama with its turquoise-blue water and the wooded cliffs all around. It almost looks like a small Norwegian fjord. The many small fishing boats, the “Llauts”, also provide a nostalgic flair – you can imagine how the fishermen set out here every day just a few decades ago.

Cala Figuera Mallorca
Kayaking in Cala Figuera Mallorca

The path around the small harbor is also special: you can walk around the bay on narrow wooden piers and enjoy the cozy atmosphere between the boathouses and the Llauts. As you are almost level with the water here, you should wear reasonably non-slip shoes or simply walk barefoot, as the wooden walkways can be a little wet depending on the weather.

Fishing boats in Cala Figuera Mallorca

You won ‘t find any huge hotel complexes or hordes of tourists here either. In the town itself, you will only find a few small, family-run hotels such as the Hotel Nou Can Guillem*. Cala Figuera has managed to retain its traditional charm and is the perfect place if you want to get away from the crowds. There is also no real nightlife – this is the place to be if you are looking for a Mediterranean idyll.

Boats in Cala Figuera Mallorca

The Ruta Fotografica in Cala Figuera

For passionate photographers there is the so-called Ruta Fotográfica in Cala Figuera. This route takes you along the fjord-like harbor and to the town’s most beautiful viewpoints. Here you can take impressive pictures between the boathouses and fishing boats; one beautiful motif follows the next! It is particularly atmospheric at sunset.

It’s actually exactly the way you would normally walk along the jetties – but it’s still a nice indication of the best viewing angles. The display boards also provide interesting background information about Cala Figuera and its history. And Cala Figuera is one of the most photogenic locations in Mallorca anyway!

Cala Figuera Mallorca
Fishing nets in Cala Figuera Mallorca

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Culinary highlights in Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera may be small, but it still has some nice restaurants and cozy bars to offer. Here are my tips:

Pura Vida – Beaches and therefore beach bars are unfortunately in short supply in Cala Figuera. Pura Vida makes up for this not only with good food, but also with a spectacular view of the sea! And if you like, you can refresh yourself in the restaurant’s own pool.

Es Port – Charming restaurant on the harbour, specializing in fish and seafood. Best view from the terrace, especially at sunset.

Murmui – Located right by the harbor, you can get delicious ice cream from one of Mallorca’s most popular ice cream makers.

Cala Figuera Mallorca
Cala Figuera Mallorca

Beaches near Cala Figuera

There is no beach in Cala Figuera itself. There are almost no bathing opportunities either, unless you are on a boat yourself. (This is probably the reason why it is less crowded here). Swimming is rather difficult in Cala Figuera.

Cala Figuera Mallorca

However, there aresome of the most beautiful beaches and bays in Mallorca in the surrounding area! Especially if you are traveling with a rental car, you can enjoy the atmosphere in Cala Figuera for a few hours and then move on to one of the great beaches or vice versa.

These beaches are located very close to Cala Figuera:

Cala Llombards

Cala Mondragó

Cala S’Almunia

Caló des Moro

Cala S'Almunia Mallorca
The bay of S’Almunia

If you are looking for a slightly larger place with more bars and restaurants near the beach, then perhaps a trip to the nearby resort of Cala D’Or is something for you!

Places worth seeing near Cala Figuera

When you visit Cala Figuera, you should also take the opportunity to explore the surrounding villages:

Santanyi – Known for its large weekly market with many Mallorcan products, Santanyi is one of the most important towns in the southeast of Mallorca. You will also find cozy pubs and small boutiques in the cute old town.

Patio in Santanyi Mallorca
Santanyi is a typical Mallorcan village in the interior of the island.

Parc natural de Mondragó – In this nature reserve you will find numerous hiking trails (including along the coast) and Cala Mondragó, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca.

S'Amarador beach in Parc Mondragó Mallorca
S’Amarador beach in Parc Mondragó

Es Pontas – The rock arch on the coast is a popular photo motif and particularly spectacular at sunrise or sunset!

You can find more great places on Mallorca here:
All about Mallorca

Boat tour from Cala Figuera

Don’t feel like driving? A great way to explore the surrounding beaches and bays is to take a boat tour from Cala Figuera. From here, you can easily explore dreamy bays such as Cala Santanyí with Es Pontàs, Caló des Macs, Caló Llombards, Caló des Moro, s’Almunia and Cala Màrmols from the water!

Book a boat tour from Cala Figuera here*

Port of Cala Figuera Mallorca

How to get to Cala Figuera

By car

Cala Figuera is located in the southeast of Mallorca, only around 50 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca airport. Getting there is uncomplicated – the easiest way is by rental car. Booked in good time, rental cars on Mallorca are not expensive at all and guarantee you maximum flexibility to explore the rest of the island.

You can find cheap rental cars in Mallorca here

By public transportation

You can also take one of the bus lines that run regularly from Palma and other towns on the island to Santanyi or Campos. Both towns are important hubs in the south-east of the island. From Santanyi or Campos, the 516 line will take you to Cala Figuera.

Incidentally, this bus also stops at Cala Santanyi, another beautiful bay with a good sandy beach for swimming. So you can perfectly combine your trip to Cala Figuera with a day at the beach. Just pay close attention to the timetable, sometimes the bus stops in a different order, and unfortunately it only runs every two hours.

Note: There is another small bay on Mallorca called Cala Figuera. However, this is located in the very north of the island near Cap Formentor; don’t get it mixed up!

Staying overnight in and around Cala Figuera

Do you like the romantic atmosphere of a real Mallorcan fishing village? Cala Figuera and its surroundings are perfect if you want to spend an individual vacation on Mallorca away from the tourist crowds. You’ll find small hotels or vacation apartments in the town itself, as well as great fincas further afield. And the most beautiful bays on the island are right on your doorstep, so to speak!

Here you will find vacation apartments and fincas in and around Cala Figuera*

Other beautiful ports on Mallorca

Do you love the atmosphere at small marinas? Then also check out my articles on Puerto Portals and Portixol, two other lovely small ports in Mallorca.

Port in Port de Soller Mallorca
Another beautiful port on Mallorca: Port de Sóller on the west coast.

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