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Cabrera & the Blue Grotto: Boat Tour from Mallorca

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Cabrera is a popular excursion destination from Mallorca. From Colonia Sant Jordi, regular boat trips can be taken there – and contrary to my expectations, the tour to Cabrera was a complete success even in high summer.

Staying over night in the nature reserve on Cabrera
Day tour from Palma to Cabrera*
Boat trip from Colonia Sant Jordi to Cabrera

Cabrera: Popular excursion from Mallorca

Cabrera is part of an offshore archipelago south of Mallorca and also belongs to the Balearic Islands. At the same time, the island of Cabrera is a nature reserve. And a popular destination for excursions from Mallorca! So the chances seemed high to be overrun by crowds of tourists.

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Boat tour Cabrera Mallorca
The island of Cabrera can be reached from Colonia Sant Jordi by various boat trips

By boat to Cabrera

In the high season there are several trips daily. Our tour was the only one that day that still had seats available. It takes just under three quarters of an hour to drive from Colonia Sant Jordi in the southeast of Mallorca to Cabrera. Although we were already sitting in the larger of the two types of boats on offer (50 seats instead of just 12), the ride was damp and bumpy, but just right for a breath of really fresh sea air.

Isla de Cabrera Port
The small pier on Cabrera

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(Almost) untouched nature on Cabrera

Arrived on the island: Astonishment. Where were all the crowds? Slowly we entered the secluded natural harbor of Cabrera. Some sailboats were lying there in the calm water, a few people were sunbathing on the small beach and otherwise: silence, silence, silence!

Cabrera Mallorca
View from the fortress of Cabrera

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Activities on Cabrera: Hiking to the Mirador de Cabrera

If you come to Cabrera by excursion boat for a day trip, you have a few hours to explore the island on the longer tour. Some parts of the island of Cabrera are not open to the public, so you move with the other fellow travelers on the same trails – but you spread out relatively well on the island. For a grand view, you can hike up the fortress (Castillo de Cabrera) – and at 35 degrees in the midday sun, that’s more athletic than it sounds.

Mirador de Cabrera
The fortress of Cabrera can be seen from afar
Cabrera Mallorca

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Isla de Cabrera Mallorca
Those who come with their own boat may anchor only in the bay.

The Mirador de Cabrera

From the observation tower of the fortress, the Mirador de Cabrera, you have the perfect view over the island and the turquoise sea. On the way back stop at the island bar, then swim in the clear windless water and enjoy the pure nature around you: If you can not relax on Cabrera, it’s your own fault!

Mirador de Cabrera Mallorca
Cabrera Mallorca

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At sunset: The blue grotto in Cabrera

The excursion usually includes a stop at the blue grotto, depending on the weather conditions – this is only possible when the sea is calm. And the name… I wonder where it comes from? The water is just so incredibly deep blue that it wants to suck you in.

Sunset Cabrera Mallorca
At sunset it shines warmly into the Blue Grotto

All excursion boats stop here for swimming and snorkeling. Due to the water depth, however, this is only something for swimmers. With luck you will even meet curious rays! If you have booked the afternoon tour, you get a romantic sunset on top!

Tip: If you are not staying near Colonia Sant Jordi or are traveling by rental car, it is a bit more complicated to organize a trip to Cabrera on your own. But there are tour operators who offer complete trips to Cabrera with arrival in Colonia Sant Jordi and still stops at the beaches nearby!

Day tour from Palma with boat trip to Cabrera*

Things to know about the island of Cabrera

A few random facts about Cabrera:

  • Making garbage forbidden! Cabrera is a nature reserve and the garbage that you bring or produce there, you have to take back: There are no garbage cans on the island, because the transport of tons of tourist garbage back to Mallorca is too costly. However, the system is not quite well thought out, waste avoidance and recycling are generally not a big issue on Mallorca. In the island bar, drinks are served in cans or disposable cups – that could also save quite a bit of trash. And resourceful tourists simply litter the toilet garbage cans in the public toilets for lack of litter garbage cans on the paths. Or throw food scraps into the bushes. Is organic. Well. A little more education and awareness for all visitors couldn’t hurt. This was completely absent from our tour, and if an island guard hadn’t happened to intercept me and enlighten me when I was looking for a trash can for my apple crate after leaving the boat – the topic of trash wouldn’t have come up anywhere else.
  • Cabrera used to be the Alcatraz of Mallorca. Or like this. At the time of the Spanish Wars of Independence at the beginning of the 19th century, 9000 French soldiers were taken here as prisoners of war, under the worst conditions – and a large part met their death here. You can also learn more about the history of the island in the island’s own museum!
  • Be sure to bring sturdy shoes! Going up to the castle in flip-flops is no fun.
  • Do not forget snorkeling equipment: On the beach and in the blue grotto is wonderful snorkeling and fish watching.
  • The island bar serves wonderful Horchata (a Mallorcan almond milk drink) with fresh almonds!
  • If you want to stay longer: there is a small, simple hostel on the island. Attention: Be sure to book in advance and the length of stay is limited to a few days!
    To make a reservation for the hostel of Cabrera
Cabrera Mallorca

Cabrera link tips

marcabrera excursions to Cabrera from Colonia Sant Jordi. If you book online, there’s a 10% discount, the half-day excursion as above then costs 36€. Resident discount is also available, but is only 7% and cannot be combined with the online discount.

Overnight stay on Cabrera Here you can make your reservation in the island’s only hostel.

Parque Nacional Marítimo – Terrestre del Archipiélago de Cabrera Official information about Cabrera (Spanish)


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