Búzios: Dreamy beaches & balmy nights near Rio de Janeiro

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Búzios is actually called Armação dos Búzios, but among Brazilians the popular resort is simply called Búzios. There you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil! When the weather is nice, many Cariocas from Rio de Janeiro are drawn here.

So if you’re ever in Rio, I highly recommend a trip to Buziós! In only three and a half hours by car you can reach unforgettable dream beaches. I’ll show you the best locations, sights and give you some tips for a great vacation in Brazil!

Buzios fishing boats on the promenade of Armação dos Buzíos in Brazil
Fishing boats on the Orla of Buzíos

Armação dos Búzios: Beaches & Brazilian Lifestyle

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Hey, I’m Tatiana, a German-Brazilian living in Berlin & the author behind The Happy Jetlagger. I’ve been writing about my travels since 2014. In addition to my job as a flight attendant, this blog is my passion project!

Búzios is located on a peninsula and has more than 20 beaches, each more beautiful and unique than the other. While the water on the beaches in the north is calmer and warmer, the beaches in the south are wider, the water temperature is colder and the waves are rougher. Depending on your mood, you can choose busy and less busy beaches: On some beaches one beach hut follows the other, on others you are relatively alone.

Praia de Geribá

One of the wilder mega beaches in Buzíos. Relatively natural and wide, but with many small beach stalls that rent umbrellas and chairs and sell small snacks. In the high season very well visited to full, but also the perfect opportunity to experience original Brazilian beach life. The water here is a bit colder, the waves higher, but the beach falls relatively shallow into the water, so even children and non-swimmers can have fun here.

Praia de Manguinhos

Very quiet, with some nice bars on one side, nothing but a few fishing boats on the other. If you are looking for total peace and quiet, this is the place for you! Here, by the way, you can also stand-up paddle well and with luck you can even see a few large sea turtles swimming past from the board! Otherwise, the water is not suitable for swimming in all places; there are probably also a few sewage land here, but that is unfortunately not uncommon in Brazil.

Buzíos Praia de Manguinhos Beach Bars
For those who like it quieter, Praia de Manguinhos is the place to be.

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Rua das Pedras

It’s all night on the Rua das Pedras! Between chic boutiques and simple restaurants, everything squeezes on the famous pedestrian street in the center of the former village. You stroll, walk, have dinner or just a little drink – but the evening trip to Rua das Pedras is a must.

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Rua das Pedras is rarely this empty in the evening. After sunset life is raging here!

The Orla in Búzios and Brigitte Bardot

At the end of Rua das Pedras you reach Orla, the beach promenade of Armação dos Búzios. Despite the many tourists (especially in the high season between Christmas and Carnival), the atmosphere here is particularly cozy in the evenings. Small fishing boats are still anchored here in front of the narrow promenade of natural stone, the view wanders over the quiet bay. One place is always particularly busy: everyone wants to have their picture taken with the statue of Brigitte Bardot!

Until the sixties, Búzios was a really sleepy fishing village, no trace of tourism! Until Brigitte Bardot showed up here in 1964, in tow with her then-boyfriend Bob Zaguri. Fed up with the hype in Rio de Janeiro (such a world star at that time in Brazil, that was an event!) they fled to the then unknown Armação dos Búzios – the reporters after them and suddenly everybody knew Buzíos. Therefore, until today, Búzios is called the “Saint-Tropez of Brazil”. In fact, the atmosphere here is similar; to this day, the rich and famous of Rio and Brazil meet in Buzíos.

Restaurant La Bardot in Buzios Brazil
Directly on the promenade in Búzios: The restaurant La Bardot.
Rather untypical for Brazil: There is even a small art house cinema, “Gran Cine Bardot”.
Still a bit the romantic fishing village of yesteryear: the Orla Brigitte Bardot.

Practical tips for your stay in Búzios

Arrival | Plane, Bus, Shuttle Service & Tour

From Rio de Janeiro it is only a three and a half hour drive to Búzios. From Rio you can also book day trips by car, van or boat, but in my opinion it is not worth it.

Day trips from Rio to Búzios*.

If you have the time, organize transportation separately and spend several days in Búzios!

There are plenty of shuttle services that go directly to Búzios from Rio’s Galeao International Airport or from neighborhoods like Copacabana or Ipanema.

Private shuttle to Rio de Janeiro*.

Just as convenient (and cheaper), however, are the intercity buses that depart either from Rio de Janeiro’s central bus station (Rodoviária) or from Galeão Airport. There is no airport for scheduled flights in Búzios.

Bus connections from Rio de Janeiro to Búzios*.

Praia do Forno Arraial do Cabo Excursion from Buzíos
From Búzios you can also reach the beaches of Arraial d’Ajuda by day trips.

Best time to travel | May to August

I was in Búzios in January, in the middle of the main Brazilian tourist season. However, trips in the low season, e.g. from May to August, are more recommended. Then the prices are lower, the weather is dry and warm. During the peak tourist season from Christmas to Carnival, prices rise, accommodations are often fully booked, beaches and the town itself are crowded. In addition, there can be rainy days every now and then due to the rainy season.

Accommodation in Búzios

Tip: Look for a small pousada (guesthouse). Pousadas are usually very small, family run and communicative. There you always quickly find a connection, even among the other guests. Most of them also offer breakfast, usually very rich with fresh typical fruits like papayas, pineapples or watermelons and many sweet treats, often homemade.

There are pousadas for every budget, from simple to luxurious. I can recommend the Blanca Hostel*(don’t be put off by the “hostel”, there are also nice, simple double rooms), very close to Praia do Geribá and with bus or Uber you are quickly in the center.

Find the best prices for accommodation in Búzios*.

Transportation | Bus & Uber

As in Rio, Uber is always a good and safe choice to get from point A to point B. However, public buses also run regularly and are cheaper. Tickets are available on the bus. In addition, so-called vans, privately organized lines, stop at the bus stops, but you can take them without any problems. Payment is made directly to the driver when boarding or disembarking.

Orla Buzíos Promenade
A walk along the Orla River in Buzíos is a must, from there many small boats also depart for individual tours.

Security | Crime & Women traveling alone

Even though Búzios is very close to Rio, you will quickly notice that the mood regarding public safety is quite different here. In Rio you are often warned of somewhat unsafe corners, general attention is in order.

Read also my article about ➜ Safety in Rio!

In Búzios, however, the situation is much more relaxed, there is little sign of crime and after a visit to Rio, Búzios is a real boon in this respect.

Women traveling alone can move around here (and, in my opinion, the rest of Brazil) without any problems and do not have to take any different precautions than men, couples or friends traveling together.

Many Brazilians vacation in Buzíos with the entire family or you go here in a large group of friends: be just as open-minded and you’ll make friends right away! Brazilians are very communicative, open and like to accept strangers into their group!

Woman traveling alone on beach in Brazil

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