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New York: Sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge

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The sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge is spectacular, someone told me before my flight to New York. And so my actual plan was to get up really early, be on the Brooklyn Bridge in time for sunrise and then listen to the ultimate New York anthem by Frank Sinatra or, alternatively, “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys. For the absolutely bombastic, ultimate New York feeling. From the Brooklyn Bridge you have a fantastic view of the southern tip of Manhattan and you can see New York’s most famous skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center.

Sunrise New York Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise: one of the highlights in New York!

Sunrise New York: From Brooklyn to Manhattan

I don’t know why you’re not allowed to wear headphones on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Music on your ears is probably too distracting – the pedestrian path is too narrow for all the crowds of visitors and joggers that populate the Brooklyn Bridge every day after sunrise. And on the cycle path side, cyclists just shoot back and forth. Music on your ears can be so distracting that collisions are inevitable. But this rule doesn’t actually help much – because the real distraction is the view from the Brooklyn Bridge itself.

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The music didn’t work out, there were too many policemen buzzing around and on the bridge. And since I am always confused in the USA about what is considered a serious crime and what is not, the headphones stayed in my pocket. Not showing up for your return flight because you’ve just been jailed in New York for violating the earplug ban on the Brooklyn Bridge is only semi-funny in a highly reputable company.

The view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

But who needs background music with this view of the Manhattan skyline? More New York is not possible. First the spectacular, well-known bridge piers themselves. The breathtaking construction made of steel cables. Below you, on the second floor of the bridge, the thundering traffic of a city of millions. The Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island in the distance. And the closer you get to the other side of the bridge, the best Manhattan panorama ever unfolds in front of you. With the One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and everything else that screams “New York, New York”. Until your heart almost stops in awe and fascination. Oh yes, and all lit up by the most beautiful sunrise ever.

Brooklyn Bridge New York Sunrise New York
At sunrise, you still have the Brooklyn Bridge to yourself.

Tips for the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Experiencing a sunrise like this in New York is a highlight of any trip to New York. If you have recently arrived from Germany or Europe, jet lag makes it easier to get up early. The time difference between Germany and New York is six hours. While 5 a.m. local time sounds early in New York, it’s already 11 a.m. in Germany. So if you’re spending a long time in New York, I recommend that you start your trip with activities like this one at sunrise in New York.

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Where to stay in Brooklyn: the budget tip for New York!

Maybe you’re staying in Brooklyn like me, then this is a perfect start to a day of sightseeing in Manhattan! You’ll find cheaper accommodation in Brooklyn than in Manhattan (New York is really expensive!) and Brooklyn has also become really hip in recent years. The Brooklyn Bridge ends in the south of Manhattan.

From there, you can see sights such as One World Trade Center, Wall Street and Battery Park. You can also hop on the subway and explore other parts of Manhattan. The New York subway will be your most practical helper when sightseeing in New York anyway! The network is very good, easy to navigate and the best way to get around New York.

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History of the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was actually built over 150 years ago by a German, overshadowed by many difficulties and tragic incidents – and is a masterpiece of engineering of the time.


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