New York: Sunrise at the Brooklyn Bridge

I really don’t know why wearing headphones isn’t allowed on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Probably listening to music is too distracting, because the strip for pedestrian is very narrow and on the bike lane next to it people run so fast with their bikes as if they were training for the next Tour de France. Just a piece of advice: Don’t dare to walk on the bike lane, you will regret it immediately. But actually, the view from the Brooklyn Bridge itself is much more distracting than any headphone could ever be!

Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise

Sunrise New York Style – from Brooklyn to Manhattan

On the flight to New York, someone told me that the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge is spectacular. And so I had a plan for my short visit to New York: Getting up early, being on top of the Brooklyn Bridge right on time to watch the sunrise and then listening to the super-extended version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” or alternatively “Empire State of Mind” from Alicia Keys on my phone. Just to get into the ultimate New York City mood.

Well, so much for the music then – policemen were around everywhere, even that early, and I decided, that it wouldn’t be that much to be arrested just because of some headphones (or whatever it would happen if I got caught… you never know.) .

Enjoying Manhattan’s skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge

But who needs a soundtrack anyway when you have this magical view over the Skyline of Manhattan? This is as New York as it can get. First, these massive , iconic stone pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge itself. Then the fascinating construction of steel cable holding the bridge. Below, on another floor the roaring traffic of a megapolis like New York City. Far away on Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty. And the closer you get to Manhattan, the best view on the skyline of Manhattan is rising just in front of you. Including the One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and everything else screaming “New York, New York” right into your face. Until your heart skips a beat because of all this magnificent beauty. Ah – and on top: the most amazing sunrise ever.

History of the Brooklyn Bridge

As a matter of fact, the Brooklyn Bridge was built over 150 years ago by a German immigrant. After a lot of complications and tragic accidents, the Brooklyn Bridge became what it is today: one of the most iconic landmarks of New York City.

Literature and background information about this marvelous construction:

Mein Vater John A. Roebling

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