Brooklyn Bridge

Sunrise at the Brooklyn Bridge: The perfect sunrise in New York!

New York City is full of landmarks and unforgettable experiences! One thing you shouldn’t miss is watching the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York which connects Brooklyn with the southern tip of Manhattan. It’s just breathtaking to get up there! See this magnificent city waking up slowly and watching the famous skyline rise up on the horizont with every step you take!

Best thing about this experience: It’s completely FREE – perfect if you are on a budget!

empire state building new york
Empire State Building from the Brooklyn Bridge

Watching the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge: Where to start?

To capture the full sunrise experience, you should start in Brooklyn. First of all you will always have the spectacular skyline of Manhattan and the Financial District in sight. Second, you can start your day of sightseeing day right when you leave the bridge! You will be near interesting sights like the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the One World Observatory or the Wall Street.

My advice: New York can be exhausting! Plan your day ahead and save yourself a lot of time during your trip! Here are some helpful ideas to organize your day after you spent the morning on the Brooklyn Bridge:

Ground Zero Tour*

Tickets for 9/11 Memorial and Museum *

Tickets for the One World Observatory HERE*

From there you can continue up north to Tribeca and Soho with its shops and restaurants to dive into the bustling life in Manhattan.

If you are not up for a walk, take one of the Hop on Hop Off buses for a day of sightseeing:
Save time and buy your Hop On Hop Off ticket in advance!*

Beware: No headphones on the Brooklyn Bridge

I really don’t know why wearing headphones isn’t allowed on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Probably it’s because listening to music is too distracting, the strip for pedestrian is very narrow and on the bike lane next to it people run so fast with their bikes as if they were training for the next Tour de France. Just a piece of advice: Don’t dare to walk on the bike lane, you will regret it immediately.

Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise New York City
An unforgettable experience: Watching the sunrise on the Brookyn Bridge in New York City!

But actually, the view from the Brooklyn Bridge itself is much more distracting than any headphone could ever be! And if you go on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise, you will experience the most magical sunrise in New York, when walking from Brooklyn towards the amazing skyline of Manhattan! Plus: The Brooklyn Bridge is completely empty!

Enjoying Manhattan’s skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge during sunrise

This is as New York as it can get. First, these massive, iconic stone pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge itself. Then the fascinating construction of steel cable holding the bridge. Below, on another floor the roaring traffic of a megapolis like New York City. Far away on Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty. And the closer you get to Manhattan, the best view on the skyline of Manhattan is rising just in front of you. Including the One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and everything else screaming “New York, New York” right into your face. Until your heart skips a beat because of all this magnificent beauty. Ah – and on top: the most amazing sunrise ever.

Facts on the Brooklyn Bridge

As a matter of fact, the Brooklyn Bridge was built over 150 years ago by a German immigrant. After a lot of complications and tragic accidents, the Brooklyn Bridge became what it is today: one of the most iconic landmarks of New York City. It’s an attraction for everyone: Whether you are looking for a romantic spot as a couple, if you are on a family vacation or if you are into sports and want to enjoy one of the most popular running tracks in New York City – don’t miss a visit on the Brooklyn Bridge when you are in New York.

brooklyn bridge bei nacht

Good reads: History of the Brooklyn Bridge

If you are a history geek, here are some books with some more in-depth information on this life-changing landmark of New York City:

The Bridge: How the Roeblings connected Brooklyn to New York*

Chief Engineer: Washington Roebling, the Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge*

one world trade center bei nacht

Do you want to read more about New York? I’ve been there several times and wrote even more articles on this magnificent city!

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