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Berlin: Bike Tour around the Müggelsee and the Dahme

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“There are so many beautiful places around Berlin” is always the saying. But most of the time I’m drawn further away. Berlin’s (and Brandenburg’s) most beautiful corners always have to wait. But this month I was tired of traveling. Or rather: Berlin was too beautiful with clear skies and summer temperatures. And with a bike tour around the Müggelsee, even a city like Berlin feels like a natural paradise.

Cycle tour Müggelsee Berlin Dahme
Hard to believe: Berlin can also do nature quite well.

Bike tour Müggelsee: Vacation in Berlin

I like to travel: the further away, the better. After all, I also write this blog, which is mainly about traveling. I was born with a love of travel: my mother emigrated from Brazil to Germany in the late seventies because she wanted to see the world. What sounds only moderately exciting today was a huge feat back then, and one that only the very daring decided to undertake. Emigrating – halfway around the world. Unimaginable for many people. In terms of travel, I am genetically predisposed, and I always flirt with the claim that I have a gypsy gene. After all, my parents later emigrated together again, and at a young age I chose a career that could no longer have anything to do with traveling. Then I also live in Berlin. A city that can feel like a cozy, warm nest one minute and like an exotic country two streets away. The whole world in a single city.

Welcome to my travel blog!

Hey, I’m Tatiana, a German-Brazilian living in Berlin & the author behind The Happy Jetlagger. I’ve been writing about my travels since 2014. In addition to my job as a flight attendant, this blog is my passion project!

Cycle tour Dahme Forest and Müggelsee Leaves in the dark
In the forests around the Müggelsee and the Dahme, there is one thing above all: peace and quiet.

But after almost 18 years of continuous travel, there are sometimes phases when you can only recharge your batteries at home – without living out of a suitcase, without constantly changing locations. And so this time my Vacations became Staycations: in search of the beautiful corners of Berlin.

Out of Berlin by bike: off to the Dahme

I really enjoy cycling again anyway, and I’ve recently discovered cycling tours for myself. In Berlin itself, cycling is more about getting around than having fun; sticking to the exhaust pipe of cars and crashing into spontaneously opening passenger doors simply diminishes the pleasure of cycling. Fortunately, you can get out into the countryside quickly on the S-Bahn and taking your bike on the train is often no problem.

Cycle tour Müggelsee and Dahme Forest Trail
Lots of greenery and fresh air in the forests of Berlin.

Cycle tour through Köpenick and Müggelheim / Cycle tour to Müggelsee lake

In the east and south-east of Berlin, the Große and Kleine Müggelsee lakes and the Dahme are the nearest destinations if you fancy a trip to the lake and forest. Yes, that’s right, there are large contiguous forest areas and numerous bathing spots. Perfect for a trip into the countryside. And you can’t believe that you’re really still in Berlin.

Bike tour Müggelsee BVG ferry stop Dahme
The BVG ferry stops at the end of the footbridge, allowing you to cross the Dahme.

Fancy even more short trips?
Here you can find even more ideas for short trips within Germany!

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Tour suggestion for a bike tour around the Müggelsee

Take the S-Bahn to Grünau station. (Line S8/9/45/46/47/85)

Then straight ahead down Wassersportallee towards Dahme.

(If you just want to swim and don’t feel like cycling, just follow the signs to Bammelecke and you’ll find one of the best swimming spots in Berlin, which is not overcrowded even in the height of summer).

Bike tour Müggelsee and BVG ferry Dahme
You can even take your bike with you on the BVG ferry.

Special feature of this tour: at the end of Wassersportallee you take one of the small ferries operated by BVG – the S-Bahn ticket is still valid here! I love these little BVG ferries, which can be found in a few other places in Berlin – a totally brilliant service.

Once on the other side, simply follow the shore to the right, crossing beautiful woodland and passing secluded bathing spots. Don’t be alarmed, some bathing spots are unofficial nudist beaches.

Cycle tour Müggelsee Dahme bathing spots
You can go swimming in the Dahme as well as in the Müggelsee.

You can simply follow the shore and at some point you will come to a headland where another ferry stops. You can either take the ferry here or continue along the cycle path towards Müggelheim.

Here you can take a short break in the cozy village inn or ice cream parlor.

The route continues across Müggelheim along Odernheimer Straße to Kleiner Müggelsee.

If you follow the shore to the left here, you will come to the Kleiner Müggelsee lido, a large sandy beach surrounded by forest. Here you can swim or sunbathe very well.

If you prefer to continue, keep to the shore and you will automatically reach the southern shore of the Großer Müggelsee.

From here, walk halfway around the Großer Müggelsee until you reach the Spree Tunnel, which leads under the Müggelspree. (Please note: there are long flights of stairs up and down – although there is a ramp for bikes, it is still a bit of a challenge).

Now you are in Friedrichshagen. The renovated Art Nouveau houses and the beach promenade complete the vacation flair.

The harbor bar is a wonderful place to end the day with a view of the lake before heading back into the city from Friedrichshagen S-Bahn station (5 minutes away by bike and signposted).

This tour can be completed in a few hours (with plenty of breaks to enjoy the surroundings) – but you can also spend a whole day in the region and make up your own tour. The cycle paths along the Dahme and the Müggelsee are well signposted and with a day ticket you can use all BVG ferries (also by bike) for free.


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