Cala S'Almunia near Santanyi, Mallorca

3 of the best secret beaches on Mallorca

The most beautiful beaches on Mallorca? Not hard to find. Just jump into your rental car, switch on Google Maps and you will get there. Mallorca is full of awesome beaches and secluded bays! In this article, you will find helpful advice on how to get to those hidden beaches and bays on Mallorca that you’ve always been dreaming of!

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The best beaches and bays in the South of Mallorca

Are you looking for a perfect mediterrenean summer holiday destinations with amazing beaches and crystal clear waters? Mallorca is always a safe bet – it’s not far to reach from Europe’s mainland, it’s always sunny in summer and the beaches are stunning. See for yourself! I’m showing you three beautiful beaches across the island, which will make Mallorca your first choice!

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#1 Es Trenc / Ses Covetes

Fine white sand like in the Caribbean Sea. The water is so clear, that you’ll see the fishes swimming around you while you are standing in shoulder-deep water. On the landside the beaches of Es Trenc are surrounded by dunes, as the beaches are part of an ecological resort. It’s pure nature!

Strand von Es Trenc, Ses Covetes, Mallorca

Well, Es Trenc is not that much of a secret spot anymore. But it’s definitely worth a visit, and to make your experience even better I recommend the following:

  • Get there early. From 10 on the beach is getting crowded.
  • Avoid weekends. At weekends Es Trenc is also very popular with the locals, so it will get even more crowded.
  • Don’t get upset with the prices. Yes, everything is more expensive here.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen. Sure, this applies to every beach, but due to the light sand and fresh wind you are much likely not to notice that you are getting a heavy sun burn.
Strand von Es Trenc, Ses Covetes, Mallorca

How to get there

There are two entrances by car to Es Trenc: Es Trenc/Ses Salines and Es Trenc/Ses Covetes.

In Ses Salines you will pass by a saline run by Germans (here’s a tip: stop by on your way back, have a coffee in the romantic patio and grab some of their famous Flor de Sal, which makes a great souvenir!). Then you will have to follow a narrow, unpaved road to a paid parking lot. There are no other places to park your car! If you choose this entrance, it’s best to return in the afternoon only, as the road is so narrow you will have a hard time with the oncoming traffic.

In Ses Covetes you can park your car in the little village on the streets (with a parking ticket). But if you arrive late, you probably have to park almost outside of the village and walk a lot to the beach. Both parts of Es Trenc are like paradise, but because of the saline I’d recommend Ses Salines.

Accomodation near Es Trenc

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Es Trenc beach, Mallorca

2. Cala Mondragó / Cala S’Amarrador

The Cala S’Amarrador is another great beach nearby: Clear water, fine sand, in the middle of a pine tree forest. It’s also known as Cala Mondragó, because it’s part of the ecological resort Mondragó.

Cala Mondragó, Mallorca
Cala S'Amarrador, Parc Mondragó, Mallorca

3. Cala S’Almunia / Cala Moro – the secret spot!

This is a secret tip for the more adventurous. To get to the Cala S’Almunia you have to walk down a steep flight of stairs. The bay itself is very rocky, and you will have to climb around half of the bay to dip your feet in the water. There’s also no sand beach – I wouldn’t recommend for families with smaller children or elderly people. But even there is no perfect beach – the photos speak for itself!

Cala S'Almunia near Santanyi, Mallorca

All beaches are located in the Southeast of Mallorca, near Santanyi, and can be reached best by car.

Renting a car in Mallorca

The best way to explore the island of Mallorca is by car. Mallorca is just too beautiful to spend your days on one spot only – there is so much to see. This island has it all: mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, dream beaches, charming villages and a vibrant city. Renting a car gives you the flexibility to go where you want and when you want. Rental cars aren’t hard to find, but be aware of potential pitfalls in the rental contract.

A few tips on what to pay attention when renting a car:

  • Is the fuel included? A few rental companies charge a mandatory full tank on top of the rental fee, so be aware when the offer seems to be very cheap.
  • How to return the car: Full or empty tank?
  • Is an insurance included? What’s insured? I highly recommend booking via a rental car broker, where you can book an extra insurance with full coverage for a convenient price. If you do, don’t let the rental company sell you extra insurance policies – they will try their best to convince you!

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