3 of the best secret beaches on Mallorca

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Finding the most beautiful beaches or the most amazing bays in Mallorca isn’t difficult at all. Get into the rental car, open the map or turn on the navigation system – and you will always find a beautiful beach. It’s a big island. With nothing but romantic bays and dream beaches. It’s a good thing that Mallorca is always a safe bet: quick to reach, always sunny, lots of beaches. And actually, everything is a bit like home, only more Spanish.

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The most beautiful beaches and coves in the south of Mallorca

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Mallorca has so many beautiful beaches, it can be hard to decide on a perfect beach day on the island. You could easily spend two weeks in Mallorca, go to a different beach every day and still not have seen them all! A small but fine selection of the most beautiful swimming spots:

1. Es Trenc / Ses Covetes

Finest white sand like in the Caribbean. Turquoise blue water so clear that you can watch the fish around you frolicking in the water when you are standing shoulder high in the water. Framed by dunes like on Sylt. Pure nature.

beach of es trenc ses covetes mallorca

No, Es Trenc has not been an insider tip for a long time, of course. But it’s worth it, especially if you take a few things to heart:

  • Be sure to come early. From 10am on it gets really crowded.
  • Avoid weekends. Because then you have the working local population on top of the tourist crowd.
  • Don’t get excited about the prices. In Es Trenc everything is more expensive. Parking. Beach loungers. Bars.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen. This is always important, but due to the extremely light sand and the clear water you will get sunburned faster. Which you don’t even notice right away due to the light wind.
es trenc mallorca

Getting to Es Trenc

There are two access routes: Es Trenc/Ses Salines and Es Trenc/Ses Covetes. In Ses Salines, you will pass salt works (Tip: stop on the way back, drink coffee in the cozy patio and buy some salt), then a narrow gravel road leads after some time to a paid parking lot. There are no other parking spots! So don’t look around and get your day ticket right away. And best not to go back before afternoon – the gravel road back becomes an adventure when you have to pass the arriving cars!

In Ses Covetes you can park in the village or on a designated parking spot a bit before the village, where a paid shuttle bus takes you to the beach entrance. Both beach sections are phenomenal, but because of the saltworks I would rather recommend Ses Salines.

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es trenc

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2. Cala Mondragó / Cala S’Amarrador

Cala S’Amarrador was once chosen by some internet portal as the most beautiful beach in Europe. It’s easy to imagine, because Cala S’Amarrador has it all: clear water, fine sand, surrounded by pine forests. Also known as Cala Mondragó because it is part of the Mondragó Nature Reserve.

cala mondragó mallorca

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cala s amarrador parc mondragó mallorca

3. Cala S’Almunia / Cala Moro

The insider tip for people who like it more adventurous. Cala S’Almunia is reached by descending a steep staircase. The bay itself is very rocky. You can also get into the water only after climbing halfway around the bay. Or you can just jump in from the rocks. There is no sandy beach, you lie on rocks or pebbles at the water entrance. Not for small children or people who don’t like to climb around. If you like, you can go one bay further to Cala Moro. But the water is worth every deprivation! Perfect for snorkelers and adventurers.

cala s almunia near santanyi mallorca

How to get there

All beaches are located in the southeast of Mallorca, near Santanyi, and are actually best reached by rental car.

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Mallorca is a classic. Always worth a trip. And with a rental car you can explore every corner of the island. Because Mallorca is too beautiful to spend your vacation days only in one place. And the island is perfect for a little road trip. This is the only way to get a complete impression of Mallorca. Because this island has it all: sea, mountains, gorgeous sandy beaches, sleepy villages, a charming big city, lonely stretches of land and rocky coves – all on this little piece of land in the Mediterranean.

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