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The best credit card for travel – the big comparison!

Aktualisiert am: 19/05/2023

The dear money. Being on the road without money is not possible at all. I can still remember times when I traveled with bundles of cash and traveler’s checks – because that was the best way to get money on the road. Fortunately, travel credit cards are now available to everyone, and even in the last jungle village there is still an ATM that will accept international credit cards. So a credit card is always a must when traveling! Only there are now so many… and it is worth to compare, so that the travel fund is not emptied by bank fees alone!

Which is the best credit card to use when traveling?

Meanwhile, there is a sheer huge offer of credit cards: with or without annual fee, with or without mileage accumulation program, with free money withdrawal or not… I’ve been doing some research on this topic because I’ve noticed how much I’ve been charging banks just for using the wrong card at the wrong ATM. And since I travel a lot around the world, it quickly became clear: I need to find the best credit cards for traveling.

Welcome to my travel blog!

Hey, I’m Tatiana, a German-Brazilian living in Berlin & the author behind The Happy Jetlagger. I’ve been writing about my travels since 2014. In addition to my job as a flight attendant, this blog is my passion project!

Do I need multiple credit cards when traveling?

Even if you do not want to have so many credit cards: I recommend a combination of at least two different credit cards, preferably one MasterCard and one Visa. This way, you are prepared for all eventualities should one of them not be accepted.

My recommendation for travel credit cards:

Personally, I opted for a combination of two or three credit cards!

1. DKB Visa

Advantages of the DKB credit card*:

No fee for cash withdrawals worldwide (but new: minimum withdrawal amount 50€)

Worldwide acceptance

Convenient, since I also have a checking account with DKB: Everything from a single source!

2. barclaycard

Advantages of the Barclaycard Visa *:

No annual fee (with my contract option)

No fees for foreign use

Worldwide acceptance

Two credit cards (MasterCard and Visa)

Fast service in case of credit card fraud: I have already been contacted several times in advance by the fraud department in the case of suspicious transactions – even in the case of charges that have already been made, the reversal was quick and problem-free!

I usually use the DKB credit card* to withdraw money and the Barclaycard Visa* to pay in stores or online. For me the perfect combination!

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