banys arabs palma de mallorca

The Banys Àrabs in Palma de Mallorca

There are not many cities that always inspire me anew. My “second home” Palma for example. For me, this city has everything: not too small, not too big, the ocean always a few blocks away and a beautiful old town. No wonder tourists flood the city here in the summer. Most of the time, La Seu Cathedral is the first port of call because it stands out so prominently on the promenade. Most people then immediately head to the city via the Passeig del Born, but those who are already here should also take the opportunity to explore a little of the picturesque and, above all, often lonely alleys behind the cathedral. In addition to authentic Palma old town flair off the beaten track, you’ll find the Banys Àrabs (Arab Baths) here – with an entrance that blends so well with the surrounding houses that you could easily miss the open door.

Insider tip for Palma: The Banys Àrabs / Arab Baths

Especially in summer, the Arab Baths are a good stopover when you’re out and about in Palma’s old town. Especially at the popular places like the cathedral or the Plaza Mayor it often gets so crowded that you long for a little peace and quiet.

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There, the Arabian Baths are a true oasis, as they are relatively unknown to tourists. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful, green courtyard hideaway is located just a few hundred meters from the bustling tourist flow in the old town! A real insider tip and perfect for those who like to be away from the crowds.

banys arabs palma de mallorca
Completely hidden in the old town of Mallorca: The Banys Arabs.

Moorish traces in Mallorca

The two bathhouses from the 10th century give an idea of Mallorca’s long history. At that time, Mallorca was also inhabited by the Moors, who left some Arabic influences. Next to it is a beautifully landscaped patio, with many shady trees and a small cafeteria. Sit down, take a break and enjoy the balmy Mediterranean air!

Banys Arabs Palma de Mallorca

Information about the Arabic Baths in Palma de Mallorca

Carrer Can Serra

Opening times:
9.30am-7pm (Apr-Nov)
9.30am-5pm (Dec-Mar)

Entrance fee 2€

Tip: The old town of Palma is also a perfect place to stay! You are right in the middle of the city and everything is in walking distance! If you can do without the beach, or if you want to change locations after a few days of a finca or beach vacation, the old town of Palma is certainly a very nice addition!

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