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Wroclaw – Street Art City!


Sometimes traveling teaches us valuables life lessons, here is one of the most common:

Throw your preconceptions overboard!

Don’t you love it when you have your preconceptions about a place, but in the end it turns out to be totally different than you thought? I never thought I’d find such amazing street art in Wroclaw!


Surprise: Wroclaw is a street art city!

When I stayed in Wroclaw before (see my city guide on Wroclaw) I was surprised about how arty and creative this city is! At every corner I found another piece of street art and with a little help of my map I got at the hotel I basically stumbled from one colourful street into the other.


Here I collected the pieces of Wroclaw street art I liked most for you:





Do you like street art? What’s your favorite city for street art? Share your tips!

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  • This is AMAZING. I love walking around a city in search of street art. I really do believe street arts do tell stories about their city.
  • Looks more like Berlin, right? :)
  • Wow, I would have never expected to see so much street art. Were you surprised? I like trying to figure out the sometimes not so obvious message the artist is trying to get across.
    • Well, I didn't think about the message :) I was very surprised because it's a huge contrast to the restored old town and I didn't expect so much modern art nearby!
  • Awesome! Did a tour around Berlin a couple of years back that just revolved around street art and I loved it.
    • I live in the centre of Berlin and that's one of things I love about this city... I discover a new piece almost every week :)
  • Interesting photo essay! What else do you like about Wroclaw?
    • I guess the food! :) I love traditional polish food! But there are also a lot of innovative places around, with good food of any kind... And the best is: it's absolutely affordable!
  • I am not familiar with Wroclaw but would love to visit fascinating Poland in the future. They are big fans of street art, some of the best I have ever seen!
  • This is all so cool. Damn, I really wanna go to Poland now!
  • I LOVE street art! Some of this looks similar to what I saw in San Fransisco... very talented artists!

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