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Wat Traimit: The Golden Buddha in Bangkok

Bangkok – the city of temples. Even if you are not interested in religion, you should definitely pay a visit to tthe biggest temple highlights in Bangkok like the  Wat Pra Kaew or the Wat Pho. If you are near Chinatown, this is a good opportunity to see the Golden Buddha in Bangkok. It is located at Wat Traimit temple. And you can use the millions of steps up to the temple as a workout. (In case you haven’t walked enough during sightseeing in Bangkok!)

Golden Buddha Bangkok in Wat Traimit

Facts of the Golden Buddha in Wat Traimit in Bangkok

The Golden Buddha is not only called “Golden”, it is actually made almost entirely out of pure gold. It weighs about 5 tons and is about 250 million Dollars worth! And you can just walk right into the temple. No extra security, the Golden Buddha stands right there – that’s fascinating. Theft is one of the most frowned upon crimes in Thailand – due to the Thai’s religion. And apparently, that’s why the Golden Buddha doesn’t need extra surveillance.

Important information for your visit to the Golden Buddha Bangkok

As always when visiting temples remember to wear appropriate clothes at the Golden Buddha Bangkok, cover at least shoulders and knees and take your shoes off at the entrance. But as usual, there is also a small stand at the entrance with pashminas and saris to rent.

Golden Buddha, Wat Traimit, Bangkok

From the Wat Traimit you also get a perfect view on the entrance gate to Chinatown:

Golden Buddha, Wat Traimit, Bangkok

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