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Road trip to Sa Calobra, Mallorca

Unbedingt vor 10 Uhr ankommen, sagt der Reiseführer, damit man sich nicht inmitten der großen Reisebuslawine wiederfindet. Unbedingt nach 15 Uhr wieder fahren, denn sonst erlebt man das Gleiche zurück. Sa Calobra scheint also gut besucht zu sein. Umso mehr dann in diesem Sommer, in dem Mallorca aus allen Nähten platzt. Schöne Aussichten. Sa Calobra – muss […]
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3 of the best secret beaches on Mallorca

The most beautiful beaches on Mallorca? Not hard to find. Just jump into your rental car, switch on Google Maps and you will get there. Mallorca is full of awesome beaches and secluded bays! I have to admit, Mallorca is getting more and more crowded every summer, especially in difficult times like these, when people […]
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Big Changes

Life is a constant change. In two weeks, a lot will be different. Big things are waiting. And I’ll probably have less time to run this blog on one hand – on the other, there will be more to write about, for sure. Anyway, I’m currently enjoying some last calm days on a wonderful island – excited […]
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Santa Catalina: The new hotspot of Palma de Mallorca

When you visit Palma de Mallorca, the Passeig del Born will be probably this one special street you will remember when you come to the city. Starting at the beach promenade and the cathedral La Seu it’s like a big, inviting entrance to the city centre on top with more sights like the Plaza Mayor […]
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Jardines d’Alfabia – Mallorca’s tropical oasis

Mallorca – Not only a party island Was there really a time on Mallorca before binge-drinking at the beach and clubbing all night on the Britishs’ and Germans’ favourite party island? Still, to many people Mallorca is the place for a perfect party vacation. Nothing wrong with that, but Mallorca has also a interesting long […]
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Market day in Esporles, Mallorca

For over 15 years, Mallorca is sort of my second homebase. Whenever I have some time, I’m visiting and over the years, I got to know the island very well. So I’ll be sharing some island stories and secret spots for your next stay on Mallorca from time to time here on the blog. Mallorca […]
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Mallorca’s white gold: Salt from Es Trenc

Wenn man viel unterwegs ist, entwickelt man die abstrusesten Gewohnheiten. Das betrifft auch meine Einkaufsgewohnheiten. Sitzt man zum dreiundzwölfzigsten Mal in der gleichen Stadt und hat entweder so ziemlich alles an Sehenswürdigkeiten abgeklappert oder gar keine Lust, auch nur irgendwas abzuklappern, muss der Tag eben anderweitig gefüllt werden. Da gibt es dann die schwedischen Zimtschnecken, […]
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